Amber-Marie Lanthum (aka Amber, Ambie, May-May, or occasionally AmbieMay (only Joey)) is the first character to appear in the series and is the main character. In the first episode Joey Karlton tells Amber-Marie that she has a special power. This power is called Kindru. Those with Kindru can do a variety of different super-human things. Kindru manifests in each person differently. According to Joey, Amber-Marie can enter the minds of others, putting herself in complete control of them and their actions. Each Kindru comes with its own set of limitations though. In the case of Amber-Marie to control the actions of someone she must concentrate quite hard and in the beginning passes out after her control over a person ends. She also can only give one command at a time. Whilst in control of someone else she can sense all their emotions, thoughts, and feelings. She can see what they see, smell, hear, etc.